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A case study.

The initial challenge

Market: UK

Size: 100 employees

Industry: Technology

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The client’s challenge was that they had previously implemented an employee engagement tool for its 100 employees. However, they lacked:

  1. A full suite of tools and a user-friendly platform that would give manager’s feedback tools and specialized reports. 
  1. Delocalized employees traveled to the HQ only quarterly, to acquire tangible recognition rewards. Unfortunately, this was no longer possible due to the pandemic.
  1. The company needed an agile platform for cross-functional and remote teams.

So, what happened next?

At Nais, our mission is to create a better workplace. This mission starts by empowering managers with the right tools to drive their team to succeed. We believe that focusing on positive performance psychology and employee strengths builds a culture of appreciation and high-performing teams.

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After intense competition Nais’ solution was chosen, the main reason: the Nais team listened to their concerns and;

Nais offers flexibility and customized options which, although required development, would make for a smoother transition and implementation from their older system.

Nais Advantages:

Nais offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows companies to find, track and measure their employee engagement all in one platform. In this case, Nais offered:

  • Specialised reports relevant to the Company’s specific needs.
  • Online reporting of employee and manager engagement on the platform.
  • The possibility to transfer funds to all employees via Nais, so they can personally choose rewards from the marketplace.

Influence on the Organisation

How did we do it?

CUSTOMIZATION – marketplace created for the company needs (Nais negotiates with offer providers)

IMPLEMENTATIONCompany budgets and marketplace currency adjusted to the international scope and employee needs 

ONBOARDINGInvolving managers and setting up customized engagement & communication plan

Nais boosted the team’s performance and enhanced the company culture.

Additionally, the platform facilitated:

  • Managers with user-friendly tools to facilitate communication with their teams 
  • Trackable data and analytics through customised reports of employee engagement 
  • Ability to give recognition rewards to employees remotely.

Are you interested in learning how Nais can offer a solution to your company? Book a demo to discuss your options with one of our Nais experts.

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Contact me, Stacy Russell, I’d be happy to help!

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