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A Case Study:

The initial challenge.

The client’s challenge was similar to many others… Lack of employee engagement.

Our clients discovered that their employees were experiencing a lack of appreciation at work from their managers, and as such, felt that their work had little impact on the company. Despite employees earning market salaries and many benefits, they felt underappreciated. Naturally, this resulted in lower productivity and low-performing team dynamics.

Moreover, management offered little time for quality feedback, furthering the gap between the employees and the company.

On the other hand, in the same research, managers complained about the lack of tools for employee appreciation and the limitations of empowerment in this regard. 

In summary:

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1. Remote project teams made regular meetings difficult. 

2. The engagement and satisfaction surveys revealed a sense of underestimation in their work.

3. Managers complained about the lack of tools for employee appreciation.

4.The company employs over 2,900 people.

Implementation scope

At Nais, our mission is to create a better workplace. This mission starts by empowering managers with the right tools to drive their team to succeed. We believe that focusing on positive performance psychology and employee strengths builds a culture of appreciation and high-performing teams.

So, what did we do?

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  1. Nais integrated with the company and provided leader’s education on the importance of employee engagement and appreciation.
  2. Nais’ platform enables managers to quickly provide feedback and appreciation.
  3. Online access to the budget of awards for managers and freedom in its distribution. This means: Mangers can transfer financial awards in their application. They have the power to decide the method of allocation of budget for awards, without the need of confirmation from a superior level.
  4. Employees themselves decide on what to spend the money from the rewards as part of the marketplace included in the application;
  5. Mobile app for peer to peer appreciation – promotes appreciation between colleagues;
  6. Integration with the HR systems facilitates the record keeping of employee rewards, tax and social security


Apart from the integrations the platform offered, Nais also provided:

  • Platform of collaboration: Facilitation of appreciation and feedback loop for team collaboration.
  • Insights on employee wellbeing: Online engagement reports and pulsechecks created by HR professianals to fully understand your employee’s wellbeing and provide management the insights needed for strategic decisions
  • Facilitation of HR task management: Accounting for employees “system is a system” without HR participation.

Influence on the organisation

The overall benefit of Nais was an increase in employee engagement in their organization that heightened their company productivity and performance.

The problem solved by Nais:

  • Tools for managers to empower their team.
  • Trackable data and analytics through surveys of employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Platform for peer collaboration and motivation
  • HR system facilitation for HR managers

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Stacy at, or connect on Linkedin 💚

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