The 7 fun (must try) employee appreciation activities

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Are you looking to shake up appreciation in your organisation? Well then, we have 7 employee appreciation activities that will shake up any celebration and appreciation within your team

In essence, it’s important to break out of the normal work routine and add activities that unite employees. Hence, by doing so, you accomplish team bonding and strong company spirit. 

In addition, by doing activities that show employee appreciation, you also put actions to your words of gratitude by doing an activity employees will remember. As a result, this leads employees to feel cherished and appreciated. 

Consequently, what happens when you incorporate employee appreciation activities? Well, here’s a list for you:

  • Shake up the routine
  • Remind employees about the importance of appreciation
  • Recognise “work heroes”
  • Create something employees can look forward to, and;
  • Strengthen the company culture.

Excited? Here we go!

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1. Plan an appreciation ceremony for employees.

To begin with, organise a dinner out. It can be something fancy, or it could be a street food frenzy buffet, whatever will bond your team! At this ceremony have awards and speeches prepared. You will want to appreciate employees for genuine and personal achievements.

Take this opportunity to poke some laughs and do some fun categories! 

Nais Tip: You can choose to either reward the employees. Or, have an anonymous poll were co-workers choose who should get each prize.

2. Post and boast!

Congratulations boss, wou have fantastic employees! Why not boast about the talent of your team?! Go public with your appraisal and post their success online for them to share!

Have a monthly employee prize and showcase it to the world! Your employers will feel pride in their hard work, and share it with their network.

Group of employees standing and appreciating a work of a coworker

3. Game day

Why not change the usual lunch break to something… more? Bring board games for lunchtime and extend their break time.  Then, keep a tally of the winning employee. Is there anything better than appreciating their time they spend in the office by bringing them some old school board games!

Or, if you want to be more adventurous outside work hours, go to a game day!  Take the team to visit the city’s leading football game at a match, or maybe the local basketball team! Teams that cheer together, win together!

4. Bring your dog to work!

Celebrate achievements and wins with furry friends! Allow employees to bring their dogs to work every friday, once a month, or once a quarter. Shake up the usual work dynamics with your favourite pooches. 

Nais Tip:  Take it one step further and have dog jerseys prepared for the employee who has merited the “champion jersey”. That way they can strut their dog on their daily walks and feel proud. Yes, I know it’s quirky, but hey… it’s adorable and worth the mention.

5. Drink’s o’ clock.

Drink’s o’ clock can be interpreted in two scenarios. 

The first scenario: Has your team worked extra long hours, stayed over time and achieved a deadline? Then your team deserves a good ol’ cup of coffee in the morning waiting for them. However, be careful here, don’t just give them the cup of coffee, tell them why and how much you appreciate their time. 

The second scenario: Your team has just smashed a deadline and excelled at finishing up a project. Now it’s time for celebration. Invite the team to some celebratory cocktails, or bring a bar to the office! Celebrate small milestones that make the history of your company. 

6. A gift card

For employees or teams that have really stood out, give them a gift card for an activity they have been wanting to try. Maybe it’s a tour around the city, an art class, a cooking course. This is your opportunity as a boss to make a gift personal and meaningful. 

7. Theme day.

Organise a theme day for the company. Stop the work casual attire, and instead opt for a pyjama party, a circus theme, flower power, bring in some fun and colour to the office. 

As a result, employees will feel encouraged to have more fun at work and create some fun memories that will bond the team. Although, always tie the event with a reason, and link that reason to appreciation.

In conclusion,employee appreciation activities are important to show action to words. Furthermore, it brings fun to the routine and builds a culture in the company that celebrates its employees in fun and unconventional ways. 

Remember, there are endless ways for appreciation to be shown through activities. In any case, if you think of more, feel free to contact us to add more ideas to the next list! 

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