After logging in switch your profile into “Company” from the menu. If you are using Nais on desktop device, use top navigation to find Management section, where you can find Employees and groups module. On our mobile app you will find Employees and groups link right after switching into company profile.

After entering the Employees and groups module, you’ll find “Add employee” button. Fill out the required data and press save to finish the process. New employees have to confirm their e-mails and activate the accounts via invitation message sent to them from the system.

On desktop version you have also an additional possibility to import whole list of employees from a file. Follow the instructions after clicking “Import/Export” button.

Employees can log in via web browser or mobile app (Android / iOS). Employees can use their company email and telephone to log into Nais. Employees can add their personal telephone number and email in their profiles to use them to log in aswell.

You can create groups to convey your organization structure or to create any other kind of grouping (eg. runners, commuters). To create one, go to Employees and groups in company profile and find “Groups” tab. Find “Add group” button and fill out required data. When a group is created, you can start adding employees to it. You will be redirected to employee management of the new group right after creating it. 

You can also edit any group data or its members by finding desired group on the list and entering “Edit group data” from group options (3 dot button). 

Go to Kudos module and find “Send kudos” button. Set visibility, private kudos are visible only to sender and receiver, public is visible to all employees in your company. Pick employee or multiple employees to whom you would like to send kudos. Pick relevant type to bring more clarity what you’re appreciating for. Describe for what precisesly you want to appreciate for. Finally, you can add your own photo or pick a cool GIF to make kudos even more personal. After sending, receivers will get notification about new kudos via e-mail and on mobile phone (if they have installed our app).

We’re offering a solution to unwanted or policy breaking content. Employees can report a kudos or a comment that is breaking the rules. Group leaders of employees which kudos/comments were reported can through “Kudos” panel in company profile decide to delete it or dismiss the report. Employees with administrator roles can also see reported content for the whole company and make the same decision.