How often should you conduct an employee survey?

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In this article, we will go over why employee surveys are important, and how often surveys should be conducted for business growth and employee satisfaction. 

Why are employee surveys important? 

Employee surveys are a useful tool to gain an understanding of how your employees are feeling. As a result, surveys are a great way to get unbiased and accurate information from employees thanks to them being anonymous. Additionally, surveys provide great insight on the direction of the organization, giving managers the ability to direct employees and the organization in the same direction. 

Moreover, employee surveys also have a key role in giving employees a voice. Therefore, managers should listen to their employees and take action on their feedback. 

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How often should you conduct an employee survey?

The regularity of surveys depends on the nature of the business cycle and the nature of the company. 

On top of that, the benefit of conducting regular surveys on employees is to help managers provide benchmarks and pulse check progress on employees. Moreover, it provides insight on steps that must be taken into action before small problems become big challenges.

However, before you decide on how often to send an employee survey, there are a few questions to consider. 

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  • The tools and ease of analysing the surveys
  • The availability to take actions on the feedback and insights provided
  • The size of the company
  • The employees ( full time contractors, or freelancers too?)
  • The distribution of the survey.
  • Avoid survey fatigue

Most companies conduct a survey annually, or pulse checks bi-annually to see measure the progress.

The important thing to keep in mind is: Do I have the time and resources to implement changes from the insights? And what metrics do I keep to measure the success of surveys?

The most important this is, whatever you choose make sure it is sustainable and actionable. Remember, employees are the biggest value of a company, and as such, their voices should be heard.

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