How to show appreciation to Freelancers (and why it’s important)

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Freelance workers are a helpful resource for companies to outsource projects in seasons of high workload. Naturally, it is important to show appreciation to freelancers for their help. However, how do you appreciate your freelancers? Does dealing with a third party mean your company values do not apply to an outsourced employee? Or does appreciation expand to anyone that takes part in the company’s growth and success?

However, before you read this article, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you a company that believes in appreciation as an essential piece of business culture?
  2. And, does your company hire freelancers?

Every company has their own systems in place to align its employees with the values of a company. This article aims to extend company values to outsourced contracts.

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Why is it important to appreciate your freelancers?

An appreciated freelancer can become a fierce advocate for your company’s product or service. They can promote, and share and their experience with your company. In consequence, freelancers are strong candidates to give work culture reviews and valuable feedback to the company. 

It’s important to live your company’s appreciation values. After all, it’s “behind the closed doors” where the real values are held. The strength of company values is found in the nuance of interactions that aren’t seen in the public eye, or out of the norm.

Hence, ask yourself: What do I do to ensure that my company upholds their values when working with a freelancer?

Ideas to appreciate freelancers.

We’ve come up with a list of ideas to help you show appreciation to freelancers. 

1. Invite them for a company celebration event

Celebrate wins and achievements with everybody that was part of the journey. Naturally, this includes freelancers! Extend an invitation to freelancers that help the company grow.

What effect does this have? In short, apart from the fun celebration, you make them feel included, and by doing so, appreciated. 

Freelancers often work solo and risk losing the connection of the company culture they work for.

Include freelancers in the celebration, appreciate their help, and strengthen the values and culture of the company by living appreciation.

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2. Old school email.

Sending a “thank you” email is a classic, and it’s fundamental. The negotiation, communication, and organization that goes into the work of a freelancer and company are often long…

Why not take a break and thank them for changing small details, a whole project and for sticking to deadlines? 

All things considered, say “thank you”. Correspondingly, explain why and the impact it has created for the company. By doing so, the direct explanation of the value reinforces the freelancer to feel appreciated.

3. Write a referral letter.

Try to put your appreciation into words, and write a recommendation letter. It’s simple, but so meaningful.

This means that you show the freelancer that you cherish their time and collaboration. Remember, a few kind words help with the credibility of the freelancer’s work. 

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A referral can come in the form of a LinkedIn recommendation or a letter to future prospects.

4. Post their work on your socials.

This means, publicly appreciate their work, and tag their credentials!

Think about their work: Did they help with visual graphics? Your brand strategy? A software project? Whatever their talent, it’s worth the recognition.

Essentially, dedicate a post to their work and become an advocate for their effort and collaboration.

In addition, by showing public appraisal on your company’s Linkedin page, it demonstrates appreciation for employees and their wo

5. A thoughtful gift.

Why not go above and beyond with a thoughtful handwritten note, flowers or even a cute gift. Essentially, show appreciation by personalising a gift.

Above all, the gift will serve as a reminder of their appreciated work.

6. Give your time. 

Lastly, take time to listen to the freelancer. This means, dedicate time for clear communication on expectations, goals and strategy. Last but not least, allocate a moment in your calendar to work together and collaborate on ideas

After the project is finished, allocate time for feedback and use the opportunity to give and receive criticism. More importantly, use the time to give personal appreciation for their collaboration.

Well, there you have it folks! Now, you know why you have to show appreciation to freelancers. Lastly, you have tips on how to appreciate freelancers. Now, it’s time for action!

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