Kudos [ Product- Features]


Build a culture of appreciation

Appreciate, recognise and build positive team habits that lead to performance-driven teamwork.

Instant feedback

Give and receive live feedback and kudos

Appreciation tastes best when served fresh. Nais allows you to give instant kudos and share on-the-spot appreciation. 


Give a human touch to digital communication

Customise your kudos to deliver appreciation that is unique for everyone. Add GIFs, initiate appreciation circles or make your kudos private. You decide.


All in one platform

An intuitive platform that stores, receives, and delivers with easy navigation

Diverse appreciation

Personalise and customise your modules of appreciation to best fit the needs of your company

Trackable results

Measure, track, and compare appreciation to record improvements and employee health

cartoons high fiving with green heart in the background


Experience a user-friendly mobile app

Intuitive interface that integrates naturally into your work schedule? Yes, please. 


Diminish barriers in remote teams

Receive data updates on appreciation frequency, kudos distribution – in all types of teams. From cross-functional, to fully remote. 

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Explore new levels of appreciation at your company

Test our solutions for 30 days for free, then decide if you want to continue the appreciation journey with Nais.