Nais features

Fully equipped for building employee engagement

We build our solutions based on expert surveys and user experience testing. This allows us to provide you a reliable tool for improving the life of your company.


Appreciate single employees or whole groups in a public or private way. Make it personal with a photo or a gif image.

Great for: improving the feeling of being appreciated, company communication, finding less appreciated employees


Create a space where your employees can motivate each other to accomplish different goals and build engagement.

Great for: building team engagement, breaking social barriers between employees, improving job satisfaction


Learn the truth about what your employees are feeling and track how your actions influence the results.

Great for: discovering employee pain points, measuring how you company’s actions influence employees

News & Knowlege

Create one place for your employees to get latest company news and gather work knowledge.

Great for: creating one space to gather information in the company, providing easily accessible tool for communication