Improvement based on true feedback,
not speculation

Your employees opinion is a top factor in reviewing changes in your company. Get fast results with proven expert surveys.

Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS)

Check and improve employee loyalty to your company

Would you like to know if your employees would recommend your company to their friends? That’s one of the fundamental factors to company loyalty.

Get additional live feedback on areas such as:

Pulse Check Surveys

Develop your teams with feeback from the employees

Measure changes in the percentages of employees that agree or disagree with statements about their workplace. Create an ongoing survey and get insights faster than ever.

Areas covered:

pulse check

Additional features

Keep privacy and avoid mistakes

To have true results you need to build trust over the privacy of the surveyed employees. Nais Surveys has solutions to successfuly build it.

Result history

Each survey can be tracked through time between it’s editions. See changes in the results as you improve.

Quick answer gathering

Employees can fill forms via our mobile app. which allows them to answer the questions at any place and at any time.

Send reminders

You can send a request to complete the survey for employees that have not yet answered their questions.

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Survey it yourself

Test surveys for 30 days for free, then decide if you want to continue with our solution.