News and knowledge

News and knowledge

The one place of truth is here

Fight with missing information in your company with our module. Provide a source of latest news and company’s knowledge that is accessible and easy.


Improve the flow of information

Large news and important information can quickly perish on your communicator channel. Provide a structured place that avoids the news being missed out by your employees.

We will help to:


Everything your employees need to know is here

Avoid scattering your company’s knowledge over different tools and places. 

Allow your employees to access any kind of information wherever and whenever they need it.

Create different categories and fill them with content.

Use cases of knowledge section


Additional features

Make it social

Your employees can have questions or may want to express their thoughts over a news or knowledge article. With Nais it is easy and fast. 


Managers or employees with the HR or administrator roles can access articles and edit them if needed.

Ease of use

Our solutions allow to create and edit articles on any device. With content blocks you can easily change the content.

High reach rate

New information can be delivered and read by the employee in a matter of seconds via our mobile app. 

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The news is, you can try it yourself

Test News and knowledge for 30 days for free, then decide if you want to continue with Nais.