Nais qualifies for “Microsoft for Start-Ups” program.

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Revolutionizing HR app qualifies for “Microsoft Start-ups”.

30th April 2021

At the end of 2020, Nais, qualified for “ Microsoft for Start-ups”. The HR app merges innovative appreciation tools with analytics to gauge employee engagement and wellbeing. This outstanding achievement offers a two-year grant in technology, engineering, consulting, marketing, and sales support. Nais will form part of the EYnnovation, drawing experience, building networks, and knowledge from the EY team. 

Under the “Microsoft Start-ups” program, Nais will benefit from development support in different languages such as Node.js, Java and.NET, and productive business tools such as Office 36 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Additionally, Nais will have access to advanced technologies such as Azure and GutHub Enterprise.

Microsoft launched this international program in 2018, spending $500 million on technology development goals, specifically on joint sales activities, shared technologies, and creating social spaces that promote cooperation between local and global ecosystems.

The team at Nais is immensely proud of this partnership, and leverage the opportunity to create HR tools that will enhance workplace culture and productivity, building the next generation of work technology. 

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