Nais, the HR app that revolutionizes employee engagement

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London, UK 9 July 2021

Nais is entering the UK market with a revolutionary HR app built to create a better workplace environment and drive employee engagement. The innovative HR tech platform solves the common problem of many businesses: low employee engagement. Nais’ unique HR technology merges the latest SMART appreciation tools with analytics to deliver insights on employee wellbeing, engagement, and the correlation to productivity. 

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The app’s mission is to create better workplaces, winning the Golden Wings of the HR innovation Fair in 2019. The technology was designed by HR professionals to promote positive work dynamics that are characteristic of high-performing teams. Surveys created by HR professionals provide insights to track employee engagement and give management true feedback for business growth and performance management.

The company has big plans for the future, and aims to continue surpassing the limits of HR in the SaaS industry. 

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