The story behind Nais.

the story of nais in text

Nais was founded in 2016, by Iwona Grochowska, Tomasz Józefacki and Krzysztof Mikulski.  All three, pioneers with a shared vision to create a better workplace environment and improve employee satisfaction.

The result of this idea? The creation of Nais, an HR app that merges SMART appreciation tools with analytics to improve employee wellbeing and company productivity.  Fast Forward to today, Nais has over 50,00 users and customers mainly in Poland, but also throughout Central Europe.

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Along the journey. Nais has kept its efforts aligned with its values, creating a better workplace. The passion to create an HR Tech tool that catalyzes the next generation of workplace technology has led the company to its success and multiple awards, including the final hundred of the most interesting start-ups at the European Start-up Days 2018 in Katowice.

Later, in 2019, Nais received the Golden Wings award at the HR Innovations Fair for the “Innovative product in the Start-up category”.

Workplace appreciation has no boundaries, and it is time for Nais to expand its offers abroad… Nais is now ready to step in, and revolutionize the UK market!

The international side of Nais, infamously known as, will be lead by President Thomas Joózefacki, with his years of experience and drive. The business will stand together with its international team who will be responsible for the development of Nais internationally. We look forward to enhancing workplace culture, many countries at a time.

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