What is employee appreciation?

Group of employees standing and appreciating a work of a coworker

What is employee appreciation? Let’s start with the basics.

Although appreciation starts with the words “Thank you”, it holds much more meaning. The act of appreciation is showing employees you recognise, value, and appreciate the effort put into their job.

Appreciation is defined as “recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” and “ a full understanding of a situation”.

– Thanks Oxford Dictionary. 

By showing appreciation to an employee, it affirms you care about an employee’s success and development. Additionally, it confirms you value their effort and work ethic.

Let’s start with some interesting data from Eurofound (2021). The study exposed that only 29% of European employees believe they work for companies that encourage their needs and have supportive management.

Unfortunately, the data shows low encouragement in the European workforce and leaves room for improvement. How to start this improvement? Start by encouraging positive habits in your workforce, beginning with appreciation.

Two men working on a table looking at a computer and smiling

An employee who is appreciated holds value to their work. Consequently, approval in their effort motivates employees to work towards constant gratification and approval. Thus, the employee works toward improvement in their quality of work regularly.

An appreciated employee, is an engaged employee. The reason is simple, an appreciated employee feels a sense of fulfilment that leads to an increase in job productivity. The feeling of accomplishment drives employees to feel and behave like a fundamental piece to a team. Therefore, spread that goodness! 

An appreciation example.

As a manager, you set a standard for your employees. Lead by example and appreciate, it’s contagious! Accordingly, the aim is to encourage appreciation habits, normalise learning from mistakes, and show gratification when a task is complete.

Here’s a question for you: Which of the following options would you rather work for?

A. A company environment that is harsh, unfriendly and doesn’t appreciate work effort? 


B. A company environment where encouragement and recognition are central to the culture of a company? 

Wait, before you answer… Here’s another question: Which option yields more results, higher profits, and reduced employee turnover? 

Spoiler. The answer is B. 

It’s human. Every human would prefer to work in an environment that supports, encourages, and recognises their work. Naturally, appreciated employees produce a higher return on productivity. Moreover, employees prefer to work in companies where they are recognised, valued and appreciated.

As a leader, you chose the tone of delivery for feedback and communication. Always chose kindness. Invest in the human capital behind your company, and show appreciation. The choice of communication will echo onto the culture of your company.

Are you interested in learning how to track, measure and understand appreciation to make better business and reward decisions? Take a look at our Nais app, where you can instantly give/ receive “thank you” with GIFs, personal notes and images.  

-Thank you.

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