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Appreciation has never been so easy

Check out how your company can understand your employees better and improve job satisfaction. Discover our employee appreciation app and start building a positive workplace today.

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Fast, personal, available everywhere

There is no easier way to start building company culture founded on positive psychology.

A data-based solution

Numbers are a must in creating a long-lasting positive organisational change. Or creating a habit. Nais helps you with both, and the way we do it relies on people analytics.

Do you manage a team? Or do you take care of employee wellbeing? Receive data and updates on:

  • Appreciation quality and impact via kudos module
  • Employee perspective, pulse check or eNPS via surveys module
  • Challenges activity and ideas via challenge module.

Build engagement, strengthen empathy

We believe that the people-driven companies are the most successful ones. We back it up with expert data and provide the right solutions to help companies take better care of their employees. 

0 %

Company value increase in top empathetic companies versus the bottom end ones

Harvard Business Review, The Most Empathetic Companies, 2016

0 %

Better employee satisfaction in companies with a thriving organisational culture

2020 Global Culture Report

0 %

Productivity increase in top engaging companies versus the bottom end ones

Gallup, 2016 Q12 Meta-Analysis

0 %

Employees rate empathy as important for companies to demonstrate

Businessolver, 2018 State of Workplace Empathy

0 %

HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes

SHRM/Globoforce, 2018 Employee Recognition Report

Are you a boss, or are you a leader?

If you manage a team, you could probably use some helpful tips on how to ace your appreciation game. 

Combined with multiple 2021 statistics on UK job market, our Appreciation Playbook is here to help. Get it for free

See how easy it is

Nais is super-easy to use. In case you want to try it out, sign up for a free trial – no credit card required.

And before you do that, see how it works or book a demo for your team.

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Nais modules

Nais app

Access through desktop or our mobile app.
Send, manage, and analyze kudos in your company remotely.

Analysis tool

Get the knowledge required to understand appreciation levels in your team or company. You won't find it in any similar product on the market.

Free trial

We're sure about our solution and we want you to test it for 30 days for free. Just add your employees and start bringing new ways of appreciation to your company.

Expert support

We have experience, knowledge and will to help your company grow and retain your employees. Use our guides or ask us for becoming top apppreciator.


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Our plans are based on number of accounts. You can easily change the plan from company settings page.

Who is Nais?

Our goal at Nais is to provide the best solutions to help companies improve satisfaction levels of their employees