Nais or Microsoft Teams plugins. What does my team need?

So, you’re thinking about getting an engagement platform. Great. Now at the consideration phase, which platform is the right one for your team? After all, you want the team to benefit from an invested platform and use the tool as effectively as possible in order to yield results. 

To help you with the research phase, check out our Buyers Guide for Engagement tools. Here you’ll find the points of consideration that will make your engagement platform choice a calculated one.

Today we will be comparing Nais vs Microsoft Teams. 

We will be comparing from the standpoint of:

  • Kudos
  • Challenges
  • Surveys
  • Price

A benefit of Nais is the all-in-one platform approach. The HR ecosystem allows management to save time going from one platform to the next, as well s keeping and synchronizing all the data. The HR platform allows the system to be compact and effective, which helps employees engage with the tool more often. More so, it offers all the solutions in one place to collect data as a whole.


Microsoft plugins allow graphic evolvement in the form of appreciation and engagement.The benefit of Microsoft is you are able to choose between different kudos platform, which allows selection from a broader range.

Nais covers engagement in the form of messages as well as interactions between employees. The interactions between colleagues reinforce team celebration and encouragement which are highly personalized. Nais kudos offers the possibility to add photos and memes to their kudos.

kudos platform with two cartoons high fiving

Moreover, the biggest difference comes in the analytics from kudos. Although it’s great to be able to appreciate your team, the data and science behind team appreciation is the foundation of performance habits in teams. Nais offers an analytical page where managers can understand team dynamics, and recognise employees that are less appreciated. Moreover, they are able to see which type of kudos is most sent and to whom. As a result, managers can recognize hard-working employees, whilst inquiring why others receive less appreciation.

Nais approaches kudos as a tool, where the technology learns about team appreciation and offers feedback to managers about their employees. 

Moreover, Nais kudos can be printed and saved as a pdf to be used as a token.

Challenges module

Nais offers a dedicated wall for each challenge. There, employees can collectively encourage one another to achieve their goals and recognise efforts. The collaboration results in team motivation and building team spirit. The social reaction offers chances to post and cheer others. 

Each challenge has dedicated statistics that help managers understand what motivates their employees, as well as who are the top “ team cheerleaders”.

The challenges have an elastic approach to reach goals, which allows more options compared to Microsoft teams. The sports challenges can be updated via STRAVA automatically.  Moreover, Nais offers the opportunity to create team challenges, which builds a high team spirit environment.

On the other hand, Microsoft teams has offers variable integrations for team challenges. The benefits allow companies to fine-tune a challenge platform that caters to their needs. However, there are many options, but none necessarily offer the option to have sports and no sport-related challenges.


Microsoft teams offer surveys through their Forms plugin. The benefit includes that you can easily target a group to survey through the MS team app or web browser. Moreover, MS forms allow you to create your own survey to be able to understand team needs regarding a specific problem.

However, the analysis from the survey returns as polls and straightforward to what was asked in the questions, leaving room for misunderstanding.

Nais’ surveys are created by HR professionals and measure employee advocacy, engagement as well as employee satisfaction. These elements help managers understand employee sentiment and wellbeing. The result of employee surveys reduce turnover, and instead invest in employee experience. 

The surveys are stored in the Nais platform. Therefore, managers save time and are able to send periodic surveys to understand the improvement of wellbeing in the company in the form of pulse checks. The surveys are simple to answer, and use analytics to give a complete understanding regarding employee health and engagement.


Microsoft Teams prices include a limited free version, or start at $5/ user. Find Microsoft team prices here

Find Nais prices here . The price is dependent on the number of employees on an account. Moreover, the price includes the modules: kudos, challenges, and surveys.  Additionally, Nais offers a free 30 day trial for those who would like to try it -before, they buy it.

Other notes:

Nais sends instant notifications for each module through browser notifications or mobiles notifications. As a result, it allows easy access to the platform. In other words, gratification is instant, as well as participation in new challenges or surveys.

The reality is, Microsoft Teams is a great tool for team organisation, meeting and communication. However, it lacks the human aspect of communication, and fails to understand motivators of team appreciation. Therefore, look for plugins to add to your Microsoft team in order to improve employee experience. However, the information risks separation and dilutions between platforms,

On the other hand, Nias offers an all-in-one solution to understand and boost human connection and experience.

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