Nais: Feedback-led recognition for managers

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The client’s challenge was similar to many others… Lack of employee engagement.

Our clients discovered that their employees experienced a lack of appreciation at work from their managers, and felt that their work had little impact on the company. Naturally, this resulted in lower productivity and low-performing team dynamics.

Moreover, management offered little time for quality feedback, furthering the gap between the employees and the company.

Additionally, managers complained about the lack of tools for employee appreciation and the limitations of empowerment in this regard. 

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employees worldwide are not engaged at work

Why? Managers struggle to understand the science, the importance, and the “how” to boost and maintain employee engagement.

At Nais, our mission is to create a better workplace. We provide management tools to grow company engagement and culture. We build on the strengths of its employees and powered by positive psychology and SMART appreciation.

3 Engagement Stats
Nais helped change

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Of employees use the app regularly to increase feedback between peers


Of financial awards granted by managers (within 2 years)

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Increased sense of appreciation. Satisfaction scores rose from 6.5 to 7.7 ( scale 1-10) in the pulse check study

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Customer challenges

Our solution

  1. Nais integrated with the company and provided leader’s education on the importance of employee engagement and appreciation.
  2. Survey module quickly provided feedback and insights on employee wellbeing.
  3. Online access to the budget of awards for managers and freedom in its distribution.
  4. Employees decide where to spend the money from the rewards as part of the marketplace included in the application;
  5. Kudos on Desktop and mobile app for peer to peer appreciation – promotes appreciation between colleagues;
  6. Integration with the HR systems facilitates the record-keeping of employee rewards, tax and social security.
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The benefits

Multi-modules for different ways to interact with employees.

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Show employees appreciation instantly. Receive insights on employee engagement.

Learn more about kudos.


Create team spirit by motivating employees to accomplish different goals

Learn more about challenges.


Track employee wellbeing and engagement with eNPS and PulseCheck

Learn more about surveys module.

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