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The client’s challenge was that they had previously implemented an employee engagement tool for its 100 employees. 

However, they lacked a digital tool suited for remote employees that was all-in-one providing managers employee feedback with specialised reports, whilst also providing managers tools to deliver appreciation to their employees 

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employees worldwide are not engaged at work

Why? Managers struggle to understand the science, the importance, and the “how” to boost and maintain employee engagement.

At Nais, our mission is to create a better workplace. We provide management tools to grow company engagement and culture. We build on the strengths of its employees and powered by positive psychology and SMART appreciation.

3 Engagement Stats
You Need to Know

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Of employees say they’d work harder if they are appreciated

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Of employees are considering leaving their jobs

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Increase in profit for companies with engaged staff

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Customer challenges

Our solution

Nais offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows companies to find, track and measure their employee engagement all in one platform.

Surveys that create specialised reports relevant to Company’s specific needs

Kudos Insights on employee and manager engagement and dynamics.

The possibility to transfer funds to all employees via Nais, so employees can personally choose rewards from the marketplace.


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The benefits

Multi-modules for different ways to interact with employees.

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Show employees appreciation instantly. Receive insights on employee engagement.

Learn more about kudos.


Create team spirit by motivating employees to accomplish different goals

Learn more about challenges.


Track employee wellbeing and engagement with eNPS and PulseCheck

Learn more about surveys module.

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