The psychology behind Workplace appreciation.

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In today’s article, we are going to dive into the benefits that positive psychology brings to the workplace.

Don’t we all wish to wake up and be excited about heading to work? To do our dream job with peers that share the same feelings? After all, we spend half of our waking hours at work, it might as well be a place to boost our moods and enhance our feeling of self-purpose. 

As a CEO or manager, it is important to use positive approaches to drive your team. The benefit of doing so, includes higher engagement, productivity, original thinking, and motivation.

Positive psychology, defined.

First of all, what is positive psychology? The following is a definition provided by Psychology today:

“Positive psychology is a branch of psychology focused on the character strengths and behaviors that allow individuals to build a life of meaning and purpose—to move beyond surviving to flourish”.

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The lesson? Focus on the strengths and behaviours. As such, you build on favourable character traits and encourage them to become recurring.

Positive psychology in the workplace. 

A study published in the Australian Psychology Institute found that actions showing appreciation and positive psychology result in increased improvement in people and performance-related outcomes. 

Graph of statistics showing the benefits of employee appreciation and positive psychology.

Moreover, positive psychology brings forward emotions of gratitude, happiness, and joy, which are motivators in workplace satisfaction and retention.

Furthermore, studies have shown that positive physiology in the workplace brings along with it; 

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  • Positive emotions towards the workplace that have a ripple effect and contegious mood booster throughout the organization.
  • Positive emotions increase job performance. 
  • Small acts of appreciation have a impact on our happiness (Kjerulf, 2016). 

How to practice appreciation and positive psychology in the workplace.

Building appreciation and positive psychology in the workplace is an ongoing process that starts with small steps. Moreover, it comes hand in hand with an environment of trust, open communication, and support. Therefore, although positive appreciation is important, those factors need to be taken into account for employees to feel fully supported and driven.

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In essence, you are a leader, and as such, you are an example of morale, value and behavior to your organization. 

Showing appreciation and positive affirmation can come in many forms beyond saying the words “ Thank you”. To be concise, it comes in the form of appreciation and recognition, in efforts, opinions, and allowance of feedback.

Appreciation doesn’t stop there, encourage employees to form part of team-building activities and to encourage one another, motivate each other and recognize positive behaviours in their peers.

If you’re looking for 5 tips on how to incorporate an appreciation culture, read this article that goes over the basics steps to build a foundation of appreciation in your company. 

Positive appreciation has many benefits, not only to the company but also to its most important assets, the workforce. Believe in your employees, trust in them, and appreciate them.

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