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Nais, the HR app that entered the UK market in April and revolutionized workplace dynamics.  The app enters at a pivotal time, with the past year demanding remote work dynamics and reliance on technology for business communication. Nais gives leaders the necessary tools to maintain employee engagement regardless of their locations. The app offers SMART appreciation tools paired with analytics, to provide insights for managers to increase team performance.

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The adoption of HR technology is key for the future success of companies to provide a digital stimulation tool for workplace culture. In the past year, companies have adopted hybrid working modules to gain agility and safety for employees throughout the pandemic. As such, Nais plays a large role in the facilitation of remote workplace interactions by solving the task most managers are concerned about: Employee engagement. The platform provides a solution to reinforce team culture, communication, and engagement. 

If you are a business leader looking to increase employee engagement in your team, you can try 30 days of Nais’ innovative HR technology for free. Explore the data on your employee’s wellbeing, engagement, and productivity. The platform uses surveys created by HR professionals and creates insights to track employee engagement and provide insights that translate into business growth. The mission is to create a better workplace by resolving issues of weak communication and track positive dynamics that are characteristic of high-performing teams.  

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