The role of appreciation in a struggling Gen Z workforce.

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In this article, you will learn about the struggles Gen Z feels in the face of a pandemic. Discover the role appreciation plays in the Gen Z workforce motivation.

First of all, Gen Z is are individuals between the ages of 18 and 25. 

A study by Microsoft ( 2021)  reports that 60% of Gen Z are struggling or barely surviving work conditions. In essence, more than half of the young, and innovative workforce struggles. The leaders, and creators of tomorrow, which will be 27% of the workforce by 2025 (study by mccrindle, 2019). This future generation has a tough time engaging more than other generations.

The entrance of Gen Z into the workforce has been, disruptive… to say the very least. The stress and struggle to find a job in uncertain times have left many of the new workforce disheartened. However, the loss of excitement and engagement does not limit itself to the job-hunting process. Instead, it bleeds into the day-to-day interactions and motivation of the young workforce. 

The importance of a motivated Gen Z.

The importance of understanding the motivation of the young work generation is crucial for businesses. Appreciation is key to maintain a healthy company culture, a satisfied workforce, and engaged employees that perform. 

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Moreover, the new generations enter the workforce excited to learn, challenge the system, and propose new ideas. Naturally, fresh perspectives and motivation is highly beneficial to business to continue to improve their performance and operations. 

Another important factor in a study by Microsoft ( 2021). Reports show that 66% of leaders are considering hybrid work dynamics post-pandemic, and 73% of employees want the flexible remote options to stay after the pandemic. Consequently, Gen Z will be the first generation entering a remote workspace. As such, Gen Z will set the baseline for experience, attitude, and expectations for future generations. 

Reasons behind Gen Z struggle.

The reason behind Gen Z’s struggle links to the stage in their career and current working conditions. Naturally, the pandemic effects the mental state and satisfaction of the workforce around the globe, with Gen Z particularly impacted.  

Additionally to their early start in their careers, Gen Z is more likely to be single. As such, they tend to be more isolated, lonely, and struggle to find motivation for work. On top of this, add that the pandemic has disrupted work dynamics, leaving Gen Z first encounter with their careers to be remotely. Consequently, the onboarding process is more complicated, and Gen Z lacks sufficient financial stability to invest in a motivating and effective workstation in their living situations. 

On top of the lack of stability and increase in loneliness and stress, a survey reported that Gen Z had a significant difficulty in balancing work and life, which result in exhaustion after a workday. 

Moreover, reports by Microsoft ( 2021) on Gen Z, highlighted the loss of engagement, excitement, and motivation the young workforce holds during meetings and brainstorming sessions.

The role of appreciation for Gen Z. 

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Compared to other generations, Gen Z is distinguished for being value-driven in their careers and job prospects. Moreover, a study ( 2020)  found that 90% of Gen Z  want human connection in their workplace communication. Furthermore, the same study found that  60% Gen Z expects daily feedback on their progress and work, which is tied with the desire to feel purpose in their actions and value in their work. 

Gen Z values appreciation and recognition more than any other generation. Thus, a few words of appreciation towards their work and contribution motivates and engages the workforce. The young work generation craves growth, in the form of feedback, appreciation, and value. 

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Managers have the power, and responsibility to understand the needs and attitudes the young workforce desires to improve their mental state and work motivation. As such, appreciation is a powerful tool that can be used for managers to show employees they care, they listen and they value the work that is created. 

In the face of a pandemic and shifting work dynamics, Gen Z is struggling. As such, show appreciation in the workplace towards Gen Z and their effort, their understanding and communicate with them to understand their concern. Consequently, appreciation and communication will provide the young workforce with confidence and a voice to contribute their ideas and perspectives. Moreover, appreciation will contribute to strong work culture and value. The key is to show appreciation for Gen Z at work.

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